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Metal stairs and railing installation – A good choice for home in 2023?

Metal stairs, especially spiral stairs, are rarely the first choice of modern investors who have just built a house or purchased it for renovation. Far more often they elect more simple solutions to gain access to the second floor of that property e.g. straight wooden staircases that look good regardless of the chosen style.

metal railing on stairs

These staircases are often inserted somewhere on the side of the home, closed off and unopened. Why? The reason is simple: it’s a cheap and effective solution. The use of metal and railing systems in staircases is used predominantly when the stairs are exposed and are virtually at the centre of the house. Usually these houses are ‘mini-mansions’ to begin with.

Sometimes, however, it’s worthwhile to bet on innovations, such as metal spiral stairs. Indeed, this will cost you a tad more, but if some research is undertaken and many contractors are contacted across the UK, a decent quote can be generated for your project. We shouldn’t be associating custom staircase designs or bespoke railings for stairs with luxury that’s limited just for millionaires.

Contrary to belief, it’s very easy nowadays to achieve something grand and unique without spending tens of thousands of pounds on the project.

Just look at the designs below. Each one of these stairs has been achieved by spending under £20k. Yes, it’s a tad more than for wooden equivalents, but look at the effects!

Spiral stairs from metal – a modern look for your 2023 living room

The installation of stairs on a circular plan in a residential building is a great way to add character to the interior. Open spiral staircases look modern and stylish, although they’re not a modern invention at all.

On the contrary – they can be found in many historic buildings, especially those with tall towers. By opting for a spiral staircase, you’ll be bringing a historic touch to your contemporary interior. That blend of medieval or Victorian look with modern touches and designs is a perfect solution for generating a unique and eye-pleasing space.

The benefits of metal stairs

Before you opt for a metal stair solution for your home, you need to ask yourself what you want to achieve with the particular design. Whether you opt for straight stairs or spiral staircase, both designs will have their own advantages. We outline them below:

Advantages of straight metal staircases

  • Cheaper than spiral staircase.
  • Far more sturdy than other trusses. Chance of vibrations or shaking is minimal.
  • Far more design choices than with other staircase types.
  • Can achieve the ‘floating stairs’ effect
  • Can be far more spacious than condensed spiralling stairs
  • Incredibly durable to mechanical damage

Advantages of spiral metal staircases

  • Takes up far less room than standard staircases; fits into small interiors
  • Usually open from both sides. Intricate railing designs can be implemented
  • Safer than straight, vertical staircases due to tight support
  • Really stand out as a unique piece of home design
  • Flexible metal can shape the spiralling steps into any format
  • Incredibly durable to mechanical damage
Why is it worth having a metal spiral staircase at home in 2023?

Spiral stairs from metal are distinguished by their original appearance. But do they fit in an average UK home that’s meant to be cosy and compact? We already established that yes, they will. If you’re going for that modern, sleek look, then the industrial setting with lots of rustic elements is very popular nowadays. And nothing fits better that theme than metallic features e.g. a metal staircase.

metal stairs at home

If, however, you’re going for that cost, cottage-style traditional setting, then a metal staircase will also fit your place nicely. We instantly conjure up an image of an old castle or railings within intricate, vine-like twisting designs that ironically emanate that warm, secret-garden feeling.

Whichever design you go for, metal staircases will be the right way forward and their appearance will be a charming addition to your home. Like we mentioned, however, your biggest dilemma should be whether you go for the spiral staircase from metal or a straight, vertical one.

Final thoughts before you make your staircase choice

Not only are stairs used for traversing the house, beyond their functionality they are also an aesthetic feature of the house. You need to ask yourself whether you prioritise one, the other or both – because even with straight stairs, you can achieve a masterful beauty of a design. But to do that you need to seek out professional advice to avoid tacky elements that clash with the rest of your home.

The aesthetics themselves can be a hit or miss. You should always consult an interior design specialist to analyse and organise the setting and overall context. Getting that professional advice could be crucial to you achieving something spectacular.

And in case you are struggling to find the appropriate person, or you don’t want to spend more money to get some advice, feel free to comment down below and we’ll try to help you out. Alternatively visit the following webpage to get some ideas on metal stairs & Modern stairs designs .

Metal stairs and railing at home

Of course, sometimes it’s the logistics that will determine your choice. Not only the price of the endeavour but also the space of the house/apartment. Those who are refurbishing their home will be limited and restricted in terms of choice, compared to those who are building their home from scratch.

What you do need to consider as an utmost priority is whether your stair idea is safe, especially if you plan to have children, or you live with elderly people. There are many steel stairs that go for that ‘floating’ effect, but they are certainly only suitable in adult settings.


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