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Bristol – Capital of British Culture, Hip and Style. Where do Quartz Worktops Bristol fit the equation?

I’ve recently took a massive interest in how people in prominent UK cities perceive interior décor, especially the kitchen/living room sectors. After all, if the cities that fame themselves with lots of style, originality and quirkiness see something as ‘cool’, does it not seep into mainstream trends of other parts of the UK?

modern black granite worktops in a Bristol kitchen

Just look at Milan in Italy. Whatever is perceived as fashionable and stylish there, immediately spreads like the wind. These trends get picked up and accepted by the public in other cities, and not just those in Italy! The whole of Europe gets infected. Paris is also a centre of fashion and culture, and we often take the dress code of the Parisians as epitome and definition of desired and inspirational vogue.

Likewise, Bristol too has an impact on cultural settings of other UK and European cities. Banksy, after all . . . It’s Bristol where he started off his career as a stencil street-art graffiti artist. And look how it spread, in a matter of years. Now some of his works of art, and that of his peers are being sold for millions across the world.

Kitchen worktops in Bristol home: Delving into the trendy home decoration choices of Bristolians

Bristol is known for a very attractive, British architecture. White or multicoloured houses reminiscent of that southern-coast, Cornwall style. But it’s not just the exterior housing which stands out in the South West – it’s safe to say that Bristolians have a very good sense of interior design style. They often combine rustic and modern themes within their homes to create homely, cosy interiors.

Kitchen island from quartz countertops in Bristol

Above all, the kitchens always have an extensive range of items that are candy for the eye. Here we see stunning ‘farmer style’ cabinets, reminiscent of a cottage. There we catch a glimpse of a copper door handle. By the wall stunning marble fireplace hearths grace the room. Meanwhile up by the ceiling we can notice modern, glass lampshades that beautiful disperse the light across a brand new, engineered stone in form of high quality worktops.

Henceforth we will focus specifically on quartz, ceramic and granite worktops in Bristol. Interior decoration and design are the focal points of this blog, so I wanted to find out what opinion regarding the worktops in kitchens is widespread, and popular around the South West of England. Not only what materials Bristolians prefer and choose, but also which colours and stunning worktops styles are most prominent.

Are Bristolians fans of stone worktops? What decorative kitchen elements rule in that city?

After doing some research on that topic, scrolling through tens of blogs, forums and posts on social media sites, I found out two patterns.

Modern kitchen in Bristol

Firstly, Bristolians love industrial themes: steel beams, screws and . . . concrete. Yes, the concrete that we pour on the roads, the same stuff that makes up buildings and pavements. They like it polished, rough, pocked – like a block of yellow cheese – it’s all very appealing. Apparently, they love mixing it up with bits of natural elements, like natural wooden floor panels and a stone granite worktop.

Can quartz worktops or granite worktops be purchased in this concrete style?

Indeed they can, although people in Bristol have a special fondness for ceramic worktops, but once again the imitative colours. One of the highest selling products in that region are Neolith’s Beton colours and Dekton’s range of marble-lookalike pieces. From what I’ve read, I’ve gathered that it’s presently fashionable to have these imitations at home, but to also aim for the long-lasting product. In this case, sintered stone is that ideal material.

In the end a kitchen worktop like this is near indestructible, lasting you man, many years – no knife, acid or oil will harm it. The same goes for natural granite or kitchen worktops made of quartz work surfaces.

So why are ceramic worktops such a popular choice?

The right stone slabs can be supplied in truly unique thicknesses i.e. 6mm or 12mm. Just imagine real marble, quartz or granite. They would likely break if supplied in these thicknesses, which is why they are most often supplied in 20mm, 30mm depths. Nowadays people in Bristol prefer the extremely durable thinner surfaces. For one, it’s the current trend. Second, when an indestructible, beautiful surface such as this is so ultra light, you can clad pretty much anything with it. Starting from cabinets, ending on fire surrounds, bathroom windowsills or vanity tops.

Bar worktops in a Bristol bar

These heat resistant ceramic tops can also come in a vast variety of textures. What I mean by that is that you can opt for a concrete looking greyish colour, but then have it delivered in a polished, or matte, or wavy finish. Simply look at Dekton’s selection of varied finishes . . . the abundance is incredible.

Question remains: are quartz worktops or granite worktops still in style?

Absolutely. We must remember that because of these unique benefits, ceramic worktops are still far more expensive than granite and quartz. Those in Bristol who want a stunning, new, fresh kitchen worktop on a budget, often go for quartz worktops or granite. It’s not like quartz and granite is going obsolete. It still very much reigns as the top kitchen worktops seller – we’re only pointing out that ceramic worktops have jumped increasingly onto the podium in recent years.

White kitchen worktops from quartz

Besides, some places like commercial bars or reception desks in banks or large corporations prefer that marble style new worktop from quartz which exudes luxury and dominance. Their flooring is usually finished in a sturdy, non porous quartz or granite surface which withstands the treading of thousands of feet per day. Engineered stone like quartz is still demanded by daily on both corporate or domestic levels.

Which company do Bristolians rely on when it comes to purchasing quartz worktops, Ceramic worktops or granite worktops?

There’s only one name that I’ve seen appear time and time again on numerous Bristol local blogs, newspapers and forums when it comes to a supplier of kitchen worktops Bristol: Polish Granite LTD. They supply quartz worktops Bristol & granite worktops Bristol to any consumer in the South West.

I’ve read up on their reviews, which highlight all the praises shared by the people of Bristol. I’ll quote a few here from their past customers:

Stunning stone worktops and an outstanding service all around. Abundance of slab and samples choices in the showroom. My natural stone surfaces shine to this day. Highly recommend.’

‘All our granite worktops were fitted in a timely, efficient manner. Martina and the fitters were very helpful from start to finish. The closer look at the hundreds of samples spoiled us for choice. 5 stars!’

‘We went to visit Polish Granite’s showroom and manufacturing facility last week. Me and my wife were instantly impressed and instantly received a cheap free quote on the right stone. In the end we selected fantastic granite worktops. Couldn’t be happier.’

‘After having laminate worktops for some time, we decided that our next project will be sourcing granite or a quartz worktop. We couldn’t have chosen a better company for the new worktops. Greg and his team worked immensely hard to fit our quartz worktops in a quick yet professional manner.’

‘My granite worktops and quartz worktops installation was smooth and the prices were the best from all competition. After the fitting the friendly staff were very helpful with the maintenance instructions. I made the right choice and am over the moon with my new kitchen tops. 10 out of 10 service.’

‘Polish Granite manufacture amazing offcuts. Not only scratch resistant, great quality fireplaces cladding, but also windowsills and bath surrounds that I utilised for my bathrooms. The selection of worktop offcuts is phenomenal, lots of textures like slate or matte. And I could browse the entire range online. Plenty choice and great help from staff, Martyna especially! Fantastic service.’


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